Protecting Your Investment

Our investments are a very important aspect of our lives. That is why we cannot afford to lose them regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of unforeseen and unwanted circumstances resulting in losses or damage to our investment. In some cases, we can stop these situations from happening. However, in other cases, we can hardly do anything to stop them.

In turn, it becomes necessary for us to take active steps to protect ourselves from the impact of such unforeseen circumstances. One of the ways to achieve this is through insurance. It is a financial arrangement that allows you to receive compensation if damage occurs to your investment.

So, if you’ve got a boat and you’re looking to protect it in the event of unwarranted damage, the best way to go is through insurance. This is the same with any investment that you find important. You can use an insurance cover to ensure that you don’t bear the total brunt of the loss where unwanted damage occurs. You can have the insurance company indemnify you and reduce your liability for the loss.

At Jet Ski Finance, we recognise the importance of insuring your investment. This is why we grant access to a wide range of insurance options. This is to ensure that you remain assured that in the event of unforeseen negative circumstances, you can walk out of it with little or no damage to your investment and financial convenience.

Our insurance cover cut across the following categories.

Jet Ski Insurance

This offers your cover in the event of damage to your boat. It offers protection for damage from accidents, fire, storm, flood, and the rest. The degree of protection will depend on the agreement between the parties.

Extended Warranty

This offers you an extended warranty to protect your jet ski in the event of boat breakdown or fault. Under this option, you can choose the degree of protection that you enjoy. This way, you don’t have to worry about costly repairs on your own when they happen. You can now count on the insurance company to cover the cost of repairs and enjoy peace of mind.

GAP Cover

This option is also regarded as Shortfall insurance. This is quite a popular option that offers you peace of mind and security over your asset. This option is effective to ensure that the insurance company can discharge the balance owed to a financier if the payment for the loss is unable to discharge the obligation under the loan arrangement. As the name conveys, it is to cover the gap between the actual sum you owe a financier and the amount you get for your basic insurance.

Loan Protection

This insurance option protects you if you cannot meet your repayment obligation due to a wide range of circumstances such as death, disability, involuntary unemployment, and trauma. This ensures that you are not burdened by the responsibility to repay a loan if a circumstance beyond your control makes it impossible for you to pay.

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